The first CD dedicated
to the Soprillo

Soprillogy CD

now available from Saxtet Publications

Getting high on the world's smallest saxophone!

About Nigel Wood

Read all about the life of Nigel, the man with the soprillo!

"Looks like I'm right back where I started!"

Born and raised in Bristol UK, I went on to study music at Birmingham Conservatoire. I was the first student to graduate with a major in saxophone performance. After graduation, I assisted in the establishment of a specialist saxophone department at the Conservatoire.

During my years of study I became a founder member of a saxophone quartet called Saxtet which built its success on appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe, recordings, touring and the repertoire used while busking. Exposure with the group strengthened my ability as a freelance performer and it also encouraged me to compose and later publish music for saxophone. The ultimate result was the birth of my publishing company, Saxtet Publications - a leader in the production and sale of original saxophone music. This new venture drove my composing and performing into the background. Nevertheless, some of my music has been performed and broadcast worldwide by leading performers and ensembles including John Harle, Gerard McChrystal, Arno Bornkamp, Gilad Aztmon, BBC Concert Orchestra and Dallas Wind Symphony Clarinet Choir. In addition, several of my pieces have found their way onto the ABRSM and GSMD saxophone examination syllabi.

While the creative fuse was barely simmering, in 2002 there was a resurgence and I formed The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain. An orchestral size ensemble that encompasses all eight members of the saxophone family. Its power and expressive potential has inspired me to compose again (Orphanata was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe 2005) and the sight of so many saxophonists enjoying themselves, tempted me back to playing, this time on my soprillo. "Looks like I'm right back where I started!"

It appears that I am the first soprillo player in the UK and I'm trying to establish a suitable role for this mischievous instrument. It has fitted nicely with the sax choir, adding a unique sparkle at the very top. Learning the soprillo has been fun, yet challenging. I am currently compiling new material (compositions and arrangements), in order to make a CD of music featuring the soprillo. Hopefully, some of this music will find its way onto the catalogue of Saxtet Publications.

Get high on the world's smallest saxophone!


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