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5th May 2008
Lisa says:
How big range is it on the soprilo? And, is it the same fingering as on an altosaxophone?

(Sorry for my english, not the best.)
Nigel says:
low Bb to top Eb. Your alto sax goes to a top F#. The fingerings are basically the same although customised fingerings are necessary for the highest notes
5th May 2008
Benjamin Nicholls says:
do you know who invented or created the soprillo, did he also create the worlds smallest gand piano, I am trying to contact him
thank you Ben nicholls
Nigel says:
Love your sense of humour
22nd April 2008
mitch says:
I was just wondering, If i was interested in buying one from Benedikt and have it shipped to Indiana, USA. How much would the soprillio and S&H cost?
Nigel says:
You will have to ask him that:
21st April 2008
Doug Nabors says:
I just finished listening at, they have a recording of three basses and a tubax doing "Four Brothers". It would be fabulous if you could borrow their arrangement and find three soprillos and a sopranino and take this song to "new heights".
Nigel says:
I've just done a soprillo workshop at the Leeds College of music in the UK and we played 'The Lone Ar-ranger Goes Sax Mad' by Philip Buttall. I believe this was a first (and possibly a last) but it definitely reached new heights. Whether I'd want to hear four, is another matter entirely. That said, if you could get me the music for 'four brothers' I'd certainly give it a go!
21st April 2008
Peter says:
I am a 6-year alto/tenor/baritone sax player using around 3 1/2 (possibly ready for #4 reeds). I've tried the soprano and can hit every note with ease, and can get every note our from alto-baritone range. How long do you think it would take me to get adjusted to playing the soprillo?
Nigel says:
It's difficult to say how long it's going to take you in terms of months or years but I've been playing the saxophone for about 25 years and the soprillo for nearly 3 years. I feel like I'm now getting to grips with the soprillo at last, although there's still much more to do (and always will be). That's probably not a very helpful reply but if you want to play a soprillo just go ahead and do it! (Just don't expect to make the same progress as you will have done on the soprano.)
16th March 2008
jeff says:
hello, i have been playing for 3.5 years now and I just bought a alto I got it repaded a few months ago now not even my director can tune it and it will not hit below low f# on the staff, whats wrong. and i want a tenor and soprano but i can only get one which do you find easier. thanks
Nigel says:
Jeff - My site is about soprillos - there are zillions of other sites dealing with other saxophones.
7th March 2008
Demetri Neidorf says:
Hi Nigel, are there any mp3 /wma downloads that I can put on my mp3 player that I can play to my music class of 12-13 year olds? I'm spending a lesson introducing them to saxes. I play soprano, alto & tenor myself, I'd like them to hear the full range of saxes. Thanks, Demetri (Canberra, Australia)
Nigel says:
You are welcome to save any of the audio/video clips on
I'm currently working on making a CD of soprillo music but it is a few months from completion.
11th February 2008
Lilio Camere says:
I'm currently an A-flat clarinetist and this instrument is truly amazing in tone quality. I want to start doubling up and I plan to make the soprillo my primary saxophone.
Nigel says:
I haven't heard one played - do let me know if you have a recording.
7th February 2008
James Hong says:
How you please tell me what time performed Soprillo in Shanghai, China?
Nigel says:
At the JZ Jazz club in April 2007 with the National Saxphone Choir of Great Britain.
7th February 2008
abi says:
well the soprillo would be an awesome insrument to learn to play currently i play the tenor

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