The first CD dedicated
to the Soprillo

Soprillogy CD

now available from Saxtet Publications

Getting high on the world's smallest saxophone!


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18th September 2008
Joseph Dorsch says:
I have Soprillogy-WONDERFUL recording! Congratulations on giving us the 1st LP strictly for Soprillo! I am very excited about the Tubax, new bass and contrabass saxes Eppelsheim has been creating.
20th August 2008
Klaus says:
Interesting to have found this site about such a highly unusal instrument.
Didn't even know before that there is such a thing like a soprillo sax.
17th June 2008
Francis says:
Dear Nigel,
I have really enjoyed the sounds of soprillo on your site.
Any news on the progress of your soprillo CD?
Nigel says:
Thank you.
'Soprillogy' should be unleashed around the end of July/August. I'll post a notice on the site here when it's ready. I've just added a clip on Youtube which you may find interesting.
10th June 2008
Neil Kalman says:
Just wondered. I saw the case of the soprillo and it looks like it could be made smaller and more compact. Why do you leave so much unused space there?
Nigel says:
I don't make the soprillo or case. I'm told by Mr Eppelsheim that the case is made that size in order to ensure adequate transport security. It couldn't get much smaller anyway.
4th June 2008
jeff says:
what is the difference in a jazz mouthpeice and typicall one. i have always wanted to know.
Nigel says:
me too
4th June 2008
annonimus says:
why did you choose soprillo
Nigel says:
Because I like the sound (and it fits neatly in my pocket).
Why did you choose to be anonymous?
3rd June 2008
Yanni says:
do you know how much they are as i need one for a piece??
Nigel says:

3rd June 2008
jeff says:
i love playing the sax were can i find sheet music
Nigel says:
2nd June 2008
Meredith says:
Wow, that is so amazing and beautiful! Good work! I love saxes, I play the tenor!!!
5th May 2008
Jon-A says:
My soprillo has the serial #92 and is 2-3 years old. Any idea how many of them exist? Thanks!
Nigel says:
The serial numbers count the total number of Eppelsheim instruments (without Kontraforte and first prototypes).
66 Soprillos are in circulation at present. Mine is #82. I feel a soprillo congress coming on...

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