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Getting high on the world's smallest saxophone!


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22nd April 2009
Stephen Griffin says:
Hello Nigel. . .Have you ever tried using an athletic mouth-guard fitted to your bottom teeth? Here in the U.S., they can be purchased at sporting-goods stores. Most require you to place them in a pot of boiling water for about 45 seconds. Then you immediately put them over your teeth for a few more seconds to allow it to mold to the contour of your teeth. Of course, most athletes use them on their upper teeth, but being an alto player myself, I've had pretty good success with this process on my bottom teeth. I know you're working with a MUCH smaller mouthpiece on the soprillo, but maybe it's worth a try. Good Luck!! -Stephen
9th February 2009
Kate Egawa (Winkley) says:
Hi Nigel It's Kate Winkley one of your clarinet students years ago. It's great to learn about the soprillo and to see all your fantastic work. Makes me want to take up playing again! Any concerts in B'ham let me know!
26th January 2009
Ryan says:
Haha i didn't mean reaching notes higher than the saxophone's range (though a range to high F could be useful) I just meant hitting high notes in general. I had the opportunity to try a soprillo this past december and i was able to play all the notes in the range and because i have developed control of harmonics on other saxophones, it made it rather easy for me to do so. I am still curious, however, as to whether you or anyone has done any experimenting with the dimensions of the mouthpiece to encourage a darker sound?
Nigel says:
Apologies if I misunderstood your point. I can obtain a top F (on a good reed day). As for the mouthpiece - I have opted for one which allows me to play the high register with (relative) ease. I tried another which made a richer timbre in the low register but the high notes became very difficult. I'm sure a better compromise is possible although I like the brilliance of the Soprillo which is what I think it is designed for.
9th December 2008
Ryan says:
I would think that an advanced ability to reach high harmonics would add some facility at playing higher notes, of course that is probably part of what you're already doing - I'm curious about the mouthpiece and its measurements and whether you have considered altering any of them?
Nigel says:
I can't imagine why you (or anyone) would want to play any higher than the Soprillo's existing range. I have a piccolo for that sort of thing - much simpler.
17th November 2008
Randy Emerick says:
The new Soprillogy CD is terrific! It's the best Soprillo recording yet.
3rd November 2008
sigurd says:
I wanna learn to play this great instrument, but where can i buy a cheaper one???
30th October 2008
Kailee says:
I would like to buy one, where is a reliable place to order one?
Nigel says:
Any of these sites are good:
30th September 2008
Chas says:
Had Soprillogy CD for over a week now. Amazing! Deceptivly uncomplicated compositions and arrangements at first listening, but the more you listen the more incredible it is! Brilliant
28th September 2008
Edward Penn says:
Nigel says:
You can buy them from Saxtet Publications

Cost £12.00 (approx 14 euros, US $18)
Sound clips are on the 'Media' page of this site and at Saxtet Publications.
28th September 2008
Snake Davis says:
Nigel! Wonderful playing tonight and the cd is a masterpiece. Congratulations and thanks.

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