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12th March 2010
jeff says:
Do you think that the "big" companys like Selmer, Cannonball, Yanagisawa, and Conn will pick up and produce the soprillo
Nigel says:
I've no idea - someone from Selmer was taking a keen interest in it recently at the RNCM Sax Day (UK).
12th March 2010
jay says:
need price of instrument in u.s dollars
Nigel says:
for the US - ask them:
8th March 2010
Edson Tadeu Ortolan says:
Hi! My name is Edson Tadeu Ortolan. Brazilian composer. I'm interested to create contemporary classical solo pieces for the SOPRILLO. Atonalism, experimentalism and improvisation. I want to know more about this instrument.
Nigel says:
Edson, thanks for your interest - I'll be in touch with you soon about this.
19th February 2010
Gillian Greig says:
I have been listening to the Soprillo CD.... it has a lovely round sound compared to the Piccolo & several people remarked on it.

14th December 2009
jeff says:
I'd love to play one but I LIKE TO acctually toy around with an instrument before I buy is there any were near Moore, oklahoma that I can toy with one
Nigel says:
Try, IW or usahorn
27th November 2009
Ben Marshall says:
Hi Nigel, I absolutely love your work on the Soprillo!
I have a question that may sound ridiculous... But..
What are harmonics/overtones like on the soprillo? Possible?
Also, have you ever attempted some altissimo on the instrument? Is that possible? hahah

Anyway, thanks for the great playing!!
Nigel says:
Due to physical limitations of its extreme tessitura, especially the reed's own frequency, higher harmonics are very hard to play on Soprillo if not practically impossible. I am able to get a top F on a good reed day.
25th November 2009
Jack Jennings, USA says:
Nigel, I've got to hand it to you for gaining such mastery over this little beastie! I visited Herr Eppelsheim on October of 2008 and tried a Soprillo. I did well in the lowere register, the the top end was impossible for me!!
25th November 2009
jeff says:
It has taken me forever to get good tone on a soprano how long have you hed that and how do you get such great tone
Nigel says:
I've been playing the soprano for 20 years and the soprillo for about 5 years. To your question - practise (and perseverance).
13th November 2009
Patrick ALEXANDRE says:
I've been playing the saxophone for many years (soprano, alto and bari) and I'm currently learning how to direct an orchestra. Could you please give me the address of a website where I could purchase the complete scores for Eclogue (all parts + conductor's part) ? I'd like play it with my band (with a soprano as solo instrument (cannot afford yet a soprillo or even play it!!)) thanks for your help.

Patrick ALEXANDRE (France).

PS : I find your music so great and so delicate. Give us more !!!
Nigel says:
Hi Patrick,
Thanks for your comments.
Eclogue is now available in several versions: soprillo or soprano and sax sextet, soprillo or soprano & piano. They are published in E-Edition at
The solo sax part is the same in both versions and you can opt to purchase the scores and parts separately. I hope you get a soprillo to play it on one day!
28th October 2009
Zach Lannes says:
How many years of practice and what preparations would you reccomend for playing soprillo, I have been playing bari, tenor, and alto for a while and llater in my life i may approach the high range saxes
Nigel says:
If you struggle to control the soprano then I'd hold fire on the Soprillo for a while.

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