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13th January 2011
Garrett Bailey says:
if anyone here has a soprillo and doesnt want it anymore ill take it ive been looking for weeks
Garrett Bailey (
Nigel says:
Garrett, have one on offer:

Usually £2,287 - This one only £2,059 inc. 17.5% vat. (£1,752 ex.vat)
13th January 2011
Hannah McLendon says:
How much does a soprillo sax cost? I already play the tenor sax and I wanna play the soprillo.
27th November 2010
Jason says:
I am currently a brass player. but i learn how to do stuff really quick. How long do you think it would take to learn to play sax? Ive always wanted to play soprillo since I found out about it.
Nigel says:
Not sure if you are asking how long it takes to learn to play the saxophone or the soprillo. It's taken me about 30 years to learn to play the sax, the past five years dedicated to learning the soprilllo. And I'm still learning. I guess if you are a real quick a learner, it won't take you quite so long.
27th November 2010
Andres says:
Ho0ola soy un luthier de Paraguay y estoy interesado en fabricar el soprillo si seria tan amable de ayudarme con las dimensones exactas que posee o por lo menos las medidas aproximadas...desde ya muchas gracias...
8th November 2010
Thamara says:
Hi, I am interested in buying a Soprillo sax, but I cannot find one here in the US. can you help me?
Nigel says:
I have answered this question below.
21st August 2010
Madura Perera says:
Hi Nigel, First Time I have seen this. It amazes me. Can tis instrument play a piece like "Song Bird" or "Titanic"? If can, I would like to hear it on your site. I also want to know, if we can buy each piece seperately?
13th May 2010
Yu Kee says:
I love this saxophone so much!!It sounds great! Can I know how much it cost and where can I get it?
Nigel says:
Best to contact Mr Eppelsheim for current details:
26th April 2010
loran brunet says:
I loved your site ... and now I am very interesing by trying a soprillo and maybe to get one ... could you help me ?
Nigel says:
Sure - email me with more details of where you live etc:
27th March 2010
Gregg Moran says:
I began playing instruments on the oboe. I have since moved to bassoon, but I also play all of the 4 major saxophone types (soprano-bari) with ease. I LOVE saxophone, and I'm just wondering, is the soprillo a good choice for me to take on as another instrument? I love the idea of it. Also, would my background in oboe help with embouchure? I'm fine with the other saxophones as far as that goes.
Nigel says:
Impossible for me to say as I don't play the oboe, although the playing the soprillo does involve plenty of pressure so the breathing aspects are at least similar.
27th March 2010
The Tot says:
I live in Oklahoma City is there a place near there that I may go in and play on a soprillo
Nigel says:
Sorry - no idea. Ask IW or usahorn

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