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12th April 2012
Tatjana says:
Hi Nigel, is it possible to get the sheet music of "Soprillogy" anywhere? And is it also possible to play it on the soprano? I love that piece but at the moment, it's not possible to buy a Soprillo for me...
Nigel says:
Quite a few pieces from Soprillogy are now published by Saxtet Publications.

The works on the above link are intended specifically for the soprillo, although you can play these on soprano sax (or any Bb sax). Some editions have an Eb part too.
1st April 2012
Cody Jeter says:
I cannot imagine playing the soprillo. Guess I'd better stick with Tenor.
28th March 2012
Ellie says:
Hey, does the piccolo saxophone use regular notaton? Tab, or some other form of writing??
Nigel says:
Regular notation, just the same as for any other sax. It sounds one octave higher than a soprano saxophone.
8th October 2011
Kevgermany says:
Lip soreness... My son has similar problems with clarinet. One solution we've found is cold sore plasters. These are a thin transparent membrane, not to be confused with ordinary sticking plasters. Brand names are expensive, but (at least in Germany) generics are available for a third of the price as hydrocolloid plasters. Compeed is one brand.
Nigel says:
Thanks for the tip - I'll try this.
9th August 2011
Kimani says:
Hello Nigel! I am a major fan of your work. The thought that you put into your pieces is astounding. And the small details you place are a stunning testament to music! I have one question (maybe a few more). I am currently working up "Cries of the Stentor" and I have come to the solo ad lib. section of the piece. Giving a closer look at the measures I noticed in measure 93 you chose to not go into the 5/4 time signature. Was there any specific reasoning to this. My second question is: Are there any sections of the piece (saxophone or piano scores) that you would encourage accentuating to enhance the overall performance? Such as your favorite part, or nuances that get overlooked by some performers. And lastly, is there any general advice you could give to make my performance a huge success. Thank you so much for your time Mr. Wood. I look forward to your response.
Nigel says:
Thanks for your comments.
I deliberately omitted time signatures during the cadenza to encourage a much freer feel. Fig. H is the climax (and favorite) section of the piece. Decide what you think the piece is about and say it (play it) through your sax.
24th July 2011
jake ian stein says:
where would you get a soprilo sax
Nigel says:
24th July 2011
Taylor Roland says:
Hey! Is there a way I can get in touch with Nigel Wood?
2nd June 2011
felipe sanchez cruz says:
hi nigel,i only have a question,how much is the cost of soprillo???thanks!!!
Nigel says:
Our Price (excluding vat): £1,945.83 (£2,335.00 Including VAT at 20%)
2nd May 2011
Romer says:
Good .. I'm amazed at your creation .. so much so that I can not imagine as I do. How did you get to get accurate? how is actually the instrument tube? was guided in the dimensions of the soprano saxophone ?
Nigel says:
Romer - I did not create the soprillo, I just play it. Benedikt Eppelsheim is the creator.
22nd February 2011
Russell Marshall says:

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