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Getting high on the world's smallest saxophone!


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9th September 2005
John Rowley says:
Brilliant site and sounds, I want one but how much are they? I know the Tubax is expensive at around ?12,500 SRP. I play Sopranino, Alto and Tenor so far.
9th September 2005
Olivier Roinsol - clcb(at) says:
Hello and BRAVO ! nice work !!!

as a composer I probably wrote the first piece for soprillo (january 2004) for Jay Easton : Five Preludes for Jay Easton's Amazing Instruments (and five horns : soprillo, A clarinet, subcontra-sax, contralto clarinet, F-mezzo soprano saxophone).

feel free to contact me !
a new work for soprillo and piano will come soon too.

9th September 2005
Sarah B-P says:
great website - great saxophone
9th September 2005
Dr. Alan Mandel says:
Wondering if you would be so kind as to put up your fingerings for notes above G. I find that those tend to be quite sharp and less controllable than those below. On the sopranino, it's easier to maintain a better pitch center. What do you suggest?
20th August 2005
Randolph says:
Nigel, I love your site. The soprillo is an amazing instrument and it sounds great. I never thought it would be possible to make.

All you need now is the Eppelsheim B-flat subcontrabass saxophone and have some fun at the bottom end of the piano :)

Some pictures and a sound clip of the subcontrabass:
19th August 2005
Linnie McLean says:
Well done!!!... Your site, your work, your instrument, your sound, my pleasure, my friend...
19th August 2005
Mark says:
I can't believe this exists...I had only heard rumors hear and there. The soprano seems so low now!
19th August 2005
Randy Emerick says:
I really appreciate the website. I'm the proud owner of a Soprillo, Eb Tubax, and Bb bass sax, all by Benedikt Eppelsheim.
19th August 2005
Rosa Hunter says:
Nigel, the website is wonderful (informative and fun) and your music is amzing - on both the site and the CD. Keep up the good work.
18th August 2005
Dr. Alan Mandel says:
Just received my soprillo for Eppelsheim--#42! It plays up a storm! had t practice on my Ab sopranino clarinet(LeBlanc) and my Eb curved sopranino(orsi) to get the embouchure for the highest notes. Planning on writing for 2 big bands here, using the extreme saxes. Should be fun!
Catch my site too:

Upstate NY/USA

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