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30th November 2005
Aaron Yuhas says:
When you say "...although notes above G require different fingerings to regular saxophones..." do you mean on G with the octave key, or on both octaves?
Nigel says:
I sometimes use alternative fingerings just for the top octave (above G). I'm still experimenting and it depends on the context.
30th November 2005
Rich says:

Great Site!!! Love the clips!!! You make the Soprillo sing!!!!

Is there any way of purchasing the complete songs? I would especially like to hear Sa Roncadora in its entirety. I see that a CD is available from the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain, but doesn?t include this song. I live in the USA and would pay for the songs if there is a way that they could be e-mailed (mp3)? (note: shipping would probably cost more than the CD)

I was also wondering a couple of things about the modification of the reeds.
1) What are you using for cutting the reeds?
2) Are you just cutting the back end or are you narrowing the rails?
Nigel says:
Q: What are you using for cutting the reeds?
A: fine handsaw.
Q: Are you just cutting the back end or are you narrowing the rails.
A: just cutting the back end.

29th October 2005
Brandon Hupka says:
Wow the saprillo is one of the most beuatiful sounds I have ever heard. I would like to purchase one although I live in the United States. Nigel you lave inspired me to design saxophones! (for fun)Can I buy one in the U.S.?
Nigel says:
Brandon: Thanks for your comments.
I'd recommend that you contact Benedikt Eppelsheim directly for information about prices and purchasing new instruments. See $2 or email
15th October 2005
Steve carmichael says:
Hi Nigel! Very nice web site. After doing a couple of large ensemble gigs with Vinny Golia i had to get a Soprillo. What a fun sax!
15th October 2005
Dr. Alan Mandel says:
Trying some new novel sax section voicings with the extreme saxes. Used 2 sopraninos, 2 sopranos, and alto instead of AATTB section, everything up an octave! Wild sounds , but works still working on incorporating the soprillo into a sectional voicing...if I discover a good combination, I'll post an mp3..back to work!
26th September 2005
Dr. Alan Mandel says:
Just started to work on a compositon for 'petite' instruments:
Bb soprillo, C and Db piccolos, Ab piccolo clarinet, Eb 'terz' oboe, F sopranino recorder, and tenoroon.
I'll put up an mp3 file when I've finished the recording...

Onwards and upwards!
26th September 2005
Dan S says:
I would give anything in the world to play a's just so amazing to listen to. (The most shocking part of listening to this was that it was in tune! Not to insult you or anything, but it's tiny!! It's like: how do you get two piccolo plays in tune? Shoot them. Yeah...lame joke, but it's definitely based on truth!) What made you pick up the soprillio?
Nigel says:
It fits in my hand luggage perfectly.
20th September 2005
Bill Hall says:
I love it. My wife won't let me buy one. What do I do now? Seriously, though, nice site. Very well done. More! More!
Nigel says:
Bill: Do you really want me to answer this? :)
9th September 2005
G.H says:
It should have more pictures! but this website is good anyway!
9th September 2005
MS says:
Great website! I was just wondering what the price was of the Soprillo, as i can't find any prices! Could you ad a bit onto the website about it possibly?
Nigel says:
I don't sell Soprillos - Please contact the maker Benedikt Eppelsheim for information about prices and purchasing new instruments. Visit $2.

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