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Soprillogy CD

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Getting high on the world's smallest saxophone!


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31st January 2006
Mat Philpott says:
Hi, I recently found your website on google and I've fallen in love with the soprillo sax!! if it is at all possible could you send me some information on where and roughly how much cost to get a soprillo sax!!

23rd January 2006
Mario - Sao Pauo/Brazil says:
Fantastic. It's really a jewel. Congratulations.
23rd January 2006
Koos Jorritsma says:
Hello Nigel, where i prefer low or lower (proud owner of a Eppelsheim bassax) I enjoyed the sound of this other ultimate member of the saxophone family. I will check out your site more often

great fun, greetings from the Netherlands
18th January 2006
Mike Ruhl says:
You should be shot.

10th December 2005
jody lackey says:
thank you for the demo. The soprillo sounds alot like a violin. very interesting!
8th December 2005
Dr. Alan Mandel says:
REALLY REALLY enjoyed those videos/sound samples from Edinburgh....makes me appreciate the soprillo even more!

I discovered a new toy to combine with the soprillo sax! Bought an Aulos Garklein recorder. The "lowest" C,is two octaves ABOVE middle C!! Now to try soprillo and garklein duets! Happy, Healthy Holidays to all!
8th December 2005
Evan Tate says:
A very fine website dedicated to a very fine instrument. Great job!
8th December 2005
Isaac says:
Hi! I am a high schooler in the United States, and I play the Alto Saxophone and the Soprano saxophone in my high school band. I'm slowly collecting saxes...And I was aiming for a tenor next but then I heard the soprillo. Amazing! I can honestly say it's one of the most amazing instruments I have ever heard, and you do an OUTSTANDING job of playing it. I have a few questions about the instrument. One, do you know where I can get one? As a saxophone player It's almost irrisistable to me... and Two, how long did it take you to get as good at it as you are? Thanks!
Nigel says:
Q: do you know where I can get one?
A: details below on this page.
Q: how long did it take you to get as good at it as you are?
A: I've had the Soprillo a year now. Practise and patience (and tolerant neighbours).
2nd December 2005
bill norton says:
As the player of a clarinet, Eb clarinet, flute, and piccolo, I love soprano instruments,the more compact the better. I can only hope that one day I can be united with the one instrument that actually COMPETES with the piccolo.
30th November 2005
Dave says:
...and I thought I owned the highest-pitched sax around! Damn!

- Dave
- Yankee sopranino sax player

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