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7th March 2006
robert says:
Where do you get one & how much does it cost?
7th March 2006
Kim D says:
I came across your website while searching for my latest dream instrument...the Ab piccolo clarinet. I had heard of the Soprillo before, but was never much impressed with it until i heard your recordings playing with the sax orchestra. Absolutely amazing! My other instrument of interest is the bass sax...which makes me doubly jealous. Thanks for bringing such a unique instrument to life with your talent!
7th March 2006
Jasmine says:
I never really new about the Soprillo sax. I am a Tenor and never knew. I think that the Soprillo is pretty cool and like how your are trying to get the message out. I like it!!!
7th March 2006
John Farrell says:
The sound of the quartet is just lovely.
I played soprano in a Sigurd Rasher ensemble when I was young. He said I was the 2nd best soprano player he ever heard, "my daughter plays better than you (do)". Wish I had had a soprillo then.
19th February 2006
Evan Watkins says:
In response to Stephanie's comment, I disagree. While the soprillo is a unique sound, it is hardly able to replace the clarinet. The clarinet is an extremely versatile instrument with an excellent tone. Not only that, but you also need someone who knows how to play the bloodly soprillo well enough not to hurt your ears! Also, lets see a soprillo play a low D (concert pitch) and still be able to get away with a double high C. You're crazy.

By the way, Nigel, you rock.
Nigel says:
Evan, I suspect that Stephanie had her tongue firmly in her cheek ;)
19th February 2006
tim says:
hey i was just wondering if you would know where to purchase a soprillo
Nigel says:
13th February 2006
Stephanie K. Sanders, USA says:
I truly enjoyed your website. My studio wants me to purchase soprillos and replace the clarinet section........SMILE.
4th February 2006
Jasmine says:
I've known about the Soprillo for a while...I've been saving up to get a soprano sax but I also badly want the Soprillo! I play Alto Sax, Tenor, and Bari....
4th February 2006
Mat Philpott says:
Hi me again!! Thank you so much for creating your site it has made me love the soprillo so much i'm now on a search to find my own!! the only soprillo I can find which I like is going for sale on a sax shop online for ?1,500 and its out of stock which doesn't help :( Any way thank you for introducing me to the amazing instrument which is the soprillo
31st January 2006
anna says:
i just heard about this instrument and i fell in love with it! i want a soprillo!!! :-)

congratulations for your site and your instrument, i hope that also i can get one soon!

greetings from austria!

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