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21st April 2006
Jordan says:
I play the Alto and I am doing a report on the sax. I had no clue there was even a soprillo! Thanks for introducing it to the world.
5th April 2006
Matt says:
I keep reading about the octave key being in the mouthpiece, but I don't really get what it means by that. Could you elaborate?
Nigel says:
You will find a picture of what it looks like here:
On all other saxes, the octave key is placed somewhere on the upper neck of the instrument. There isn't room to do this on the soprillo because it's so small, which is why the octave key has been cleverly incorporated into the mouthpiece.
21st March 2006
Chetan Mehta says:
Hi Nigel..I am a saxophone maniac from India and it was just just great to know about soprillo...i play alto sax since last six years..bought it from u.k....i am too tempted to buy soprillo but unfortunately can\'t afford one right now..may be in the near future..great job...i envy you, man!...thanks a ton for bringing out such a wonderful instrument.
Nigel says:
I appreciate your comments Chetan and hope you have the chance to get your own Soprillo soon. Do bear in mind, I only play the instrument. The real innovator is it's maker - Benedikt Eppelsheim.
21st March 2006
Beth N. says:
I was doing a report on saxophones, and this helped a lot. thanks a bunch!
16th March 2006
John D Howard says:
I am a saxophonist myself and have been playing now for nearly two years. Although I am quite obviously not a professional, I am intrieged by this tiny piece of musical engineering! I listened to some of the sound files and found the sound beautiful and immensely relaxing.
16th March 2006
Sibbele Wijnia says:
Hi Nigel, great site ! I have orderd also a soprillo. I have played one before. Aerofoon Atelier in the Netherlands had one but it was sold to some one else, but they orded one for me now.

I saw on your site : Adding various fingerings in the right hand can improve intonation for notes above top G --> do you have that on writing ? How to do that and what kind of fingers you use for your right hand ? Is it possible that you mail that to me ? I hope to here from you soon.

I also play in a saxophone orchestra : Check this out Nigel.
13th March 2006
John R says:
I am amazed at how well you can play that instrument. Anyways i was wondering how much did you pay for your soprillo sax? and also do you think i could do transition to soprillo sax, i play Eb clarinet (4 years) or do you think i should go to the Ab clarinet then to soprillo?
11th March 2006
Dr. Alan Mandel says:
I am still working on the fingerings above G, to make the intonation more stable. The suggested fingerings you gave me work well, so I use them, and am experimenting with other finger combinations. Sopranino reeds (VanDoren) strength 3 seems to be ok...I ordered some White Master Bb clarinet reeds, and need to cut them down to compare them with the sopranino reeds I currently use....

More soprillo stuff coming!

10th March 2006
Dick Lane says:
On the 1st of March I finally received the soprillo I had ordered last December and am now probably the only \'prillo person in the great, if frozen, state of Minnesota at present. Serial number 90 is a true beauty, and was playable (sort of) right out of the box.
I have been a soprano and sopranino player for the past four years and am truly looking forward to learning how to handle this lovely litle thing.
As probably the most advanced player on the planet, I\'m hoping you will share your discoveries (e.g. fingerings, available music, altissimo, etc. and etc.) with us beginners.
And thanks for the great site!!!
7th March 2006
Alain M says:
I never heard or seen the Soprillo saxophone even tho I play the alto soprano and tenor sax but i heard the sounds of the soprillo it sounds really nice and its good that you are getting the message out to more people. I will consider getting an Soprillo soon great site Nigel.

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