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20th October 2006
Paul Abbott says:
Love your website - and your playing on the soprillo. You make it seem so easy to play. Betcha it ain't...
Nigel says:
never said it was :)
6th October 2006
Heather says:
I abosolutely love the saprillo!!!!!!
25th September 2006
Reina says:
Hello Nigel,
I've seen and heard you in Holland yesterday. I enjoyed your acts very much!
I hope I will see you once again!
Nigel says:
Thank you Reina. It was a pleasure to visit and play in Friesland.
25th September 2006
Christopher Morales says:
Helly Nidel howya doing man. Hey i was hoping on being on an orchestra in the near future after graduating from college. I have a few question that would really help me if they were andwered. It would be greatly appreciated if ya can :)

1. about what is the Starting Salary of an orchestral player.?

2. After some years of experience what is the new salary?

3. Does it require alot of traveling?
Nigel says:
I'm not sure Christopher as I don't have an orchestral job, but do let me know if you come across any orchestral opportunities for a soprilloist ;)
31st July 2006
Nigel says:
See what's happening on $2.
24th July 2006
Robin says:
Loved the videos, you can play a bit.
15th July 2006
nicky lazzara says:
i<3 the soprillo now cuz of ur site
how much does it cost is american dollars?
Nigel says:
Follow banner link above for purchasing enquiries. You can enquire with or Eppelsheim for prices (if they won't quote you in your currency, then you could try
10th July 2006
Jurrie Eisinga says:
Hello Nigel, I play in churches in and around Oxford Mainly in Headington Baptist Church, where I play the soprano and sopranino in sunday morning and evening services.
Your site has produced several big smiles and grinzes on my wife\'s and my face it is nise to know there are more of me around (happily disturbd people) watching out for any new prodckts of you and the saxophone choir.
God Bless Jurrie
3rd July 2006
Christopher Morales says:
Hey Nigel. I wanna compliment the song that you have called Eclogue on your website. Im always listening to it. Its one of my favorites man, YOu did an amazing Job on that solo man. I have 2 questions for you Nigel.

1. Is there anyway i can download the whole thing of Eclogue or do you have a CD with that songs or anything?

2. I play the Soprano sax and i can play pretty well with it but when i do the low notes they squeek up an octave. I have no idea Why. The Soprano is new as well i bearly got it about 2 weeks ago. Is there any tips or hints or help or anything that would help me with this problem or could it be the reed or is it me or anything :)
Nigel says:
1. I recorded Eclogue on 'Sax in the City' CD. You can buy a copy online here:
A sax & piano version will be published by Saxtet Publications in due course.

2. Find a good sax teacher, preferably a soprano specialist.
28th June 2006
Josue J. Mora says:
Hello! I am at Eagle Pass HIgh School in Texas, and I play Alto Saxophone in band and used to play bari sax when I was in 8th grade.
I find the soprillo very interesting and I appriciete the soprillo alot.
I would like to played sometime but I know that just a professional saxophone player would played good but I would like to try.

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