The first CD dedicated
to the Soprillo

Soprillogy CD

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Getting high on the world's smallest saxophone!


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13th December 2006
Vince says:
Hey ther!
I was just wondering, since its also called a piccolo sax, does it sounds like a the piccolo?Then you think that a piccolo player like me can play this soprillo.I play the piccolo
Nigel says:
Why not listen to the audio clips and decide for yourself? It's a sax not a flute.
6th December 2006
Tina says:
How much mouth pressure would you need for such a small instrument and mouth piece? I play alto sax, and bari sax, and clarinet, and I know clarinet requires much more than an alto or bari, but how much would you say a soprillo requires?
Nigel says:
You could try blowing an Eb clarinet - it's not the same but would give you a rough idea.
28th November 2006
Josh says:
can you get a soprillo anywhere in canada, cause ive wanted one for a while and once i get ill save up and get one, cause im only in high school, but i can play soprano, atlo, tenor, and bari sax, and im looking for a REAL challenge!
Nigel says: or Eppelsheim sell them to countries throughout the world. Just click the banner above and enquire.
24th November 2006
Keith says:
Awesome, this instrument is amazing. How much would one of these beauties go for?
Nigel says:
A very reasonable price of ?1,549 at or try
22nd November 2006
NEONY says:
I was just looking for a new mouthpiece for my tenor and fell over this.
I think I'm in love!!!
13th November 2006
RJ says:
Where can I purchase a Soprillo Sax?
Nigel says:
see advert above

7th November 2006
Leo Smid says:
Hi Nigel,
looking forward to visit you and the NSC next weekend! I won't be playing the soprillo (just a bit to small for my likings), but I guess you will hear me on the tubax. I'm quite sure Sibbele will take his turn at the soprillo :-)
31st October 2006
andy says:
hi, i play soprano and alto. i started out in the alto for four years, and resently i got a soprano that i have been playing for 1 year, i really enjoy playing in the upper register, and the soprillo seems very fun, so i have two questins for you, is the soprillo extremly hard to play, and how much did it cost, in american money? thanks so much
Nigel says:
The soprillo is challenging to play and the 'fun' element is related to what you play musically rather than the amount of practise time attempting to get it in tune. I paid for mine with British pounds. You can enquire about prices from Eppelsheim or direct. (click on the banner above!)
28th October 2006
Austin McFarland says:
Where can I get a sopillo saxophone I play alto and bari and I rally want some thing else.
Nigel says:
Click on one of the colourful banner adverts at the top of this page.
28th October 2006
Rappalini Denis says:
i am playing soprano but i found out to night about soprillo wich i didn't know yet. Could i have the fingering chart to compare? And do you know if there is a way to find some second hand? (i am in France)
Thank you very much
Nigel says:
The fingering are like any other saxophone. Some of the highest notes may need slightly different fingerings but this may vary depending on the player and the instrument so it would be up to the individual to figure what works best for them. As for a second-hand soprillo, I can't imagine why anyone would part with their soprillo. But if anyone does have one, they are welcome to mention it here.

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