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19th March 2007
Lydia says:
It\'s so cute! I can\'t believe I\'ve never seen one before! I\'m going to look around and see if I can try one out..
6th March 2007
cl says:
Is playing a soprillo sax kinda like trying to play an oboe? Like the same ambateur?
Nigel says:
I've never played an oboe so couldn't tell you. Now as for 'ambateur', is that an 'amateur's embouchure'?
6th March 2007
Ryo says:
Is it possible, and if so relatively
comfortably, to achieve concert
C8, the highest note of the piano,
or is there a reasonable hope of
of this, without mechanical
intervention, and if not, are
there any thoughts on the
possiblility of such mechanical

A splendid site. Thank you for
being so generous with your

23rd January 2007
Andre Gil Oliveira Santana says:
Good night, my name is Andres, is of Aracaju, Sergipe - BRAZIL, I liked very you gave site and I finished to know this pretty instrument that is sax soprillo, never had seen this sax, was astonished with it, I am do Brazil, study sax since the 14anos and taste very of saxofones, the refining would like to know which undoes, in that city is manufactured, the price and if voces pelo vendem here for Brazil parabens site, the materias and sax. Grateful
18th January 2007
Christopher Albury says:
Where can I Purchase a Soprillo Saxophone and how much do you think that it would cost me?
Nigel says:
I've answered this in previous replies below.
17th January 2007
hi whats up says:
i have two questions do the soprillo and alto sax have the same fingerings and notes and how do you buy the soprillo on the eppelsheim website?
Nigel says:
The fingerings are basically the same although some alternative fingerings may be necessary for the higher notes. The soprillo has an top Eb key but doesn't have a top E, F, F# like an alto sax.

Benedikt Eppelsheim's contact details are on his website, but here they are for here:

Phone +49 89 29 16 38 89
Fax +49 721 151 404 379
17th January 2007
Randolph Murphy says:
Dear Nigel:

Unfortunately, I am neither an arranger nor composer. The reason I mentioned the Prelude and Fuge is because I have a CD of a clarinetist who played this piece using clarinets ranging from the A flat sopranino to the contrabass.

Please forgive me if I got you all excited for nothing....
10th January 2007
Randolph Murphy says:
Dear Nigel:

Every time I hear the Soprillo, I love it that much more. More composers definitely need to hear this instrument. I especially enjoyed the duet with Sibbele Wijnia.

Perhaps one day the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain will add the Eppelsheim Subcontrabass. It would come in handy for Bach's "Prelude & Fugue in C minor".
Nigel says:
Would you consider arranging the Prelude & Fugue for the NSC?
(with optional Subcontrabass part)
17th January 2007
Mari?lle says:
hi nigel!
i was looking at the website of het saxofoon orkest of Karl Veen and so i come here! i dont now if you remember me but i am mari?lle from the netherlands. i meet you wen you come to play with Sibbele. im gonna see your hole page another time because i dont have much time now.

greetz Mari?lle Peuchen from The Netherlands
10th January 2007
Kim D says:
I'm slightly afraid to ask...but have you been able to reach altissimo, or even just an E natural? Even though it might be piercing, I'm still curious to find out just how high the little guy can go!
Nigel says:
You should be very afraid, particularly of notes above top D. I've managed E's and F's but haven't mastered a way of hitting them consistently. Clearly the 'little guy' has a way to go.

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