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4th October 2007
Daniel says:
Hey, I'm a Junior in highschool and I play the Alto and Soprano saxes... I just recently found out about the Soprillo and your website was a HUGE help... But I was wondering if its at all possible for someone of my skill level (considering the teaching you can get at a highschool level)to play a Soprillo? Do I have a chance?
Nigel says:
Daniel - you don't say what your actual skill level is, but nothing is stopping you trying to play the soprillo although I'd need a crystal ball to know if you'd be good at it. Do you have a chance - always.
Perhaps ask your sax teachers advice.
3rd October 2007
Anke says:
I read on your site you play with Rizla papers if you hurt you lower lip, an old saxophone teacher of mine always said: get some aquarium tube.

You can find it in a pet shop, and you buy the smallest tube (I always buy a piece of 3 meters). When you come you cut it in pieces of a centimeter length and then you cut the through the long way of the piece of plastic.

I hope you can use this tip.

Nigel says:
Anke - thanks for this tip. I will try it out. In fact I have recently discovered something else that works better than rizla paper. 'Matty' pop-ups are end papers used by hairdressers and come in a little handy box which you can swipe out as many as you need and fold them. These have an advantage because they last longer and don't dissolve, avoiding getting bits trapped at the tip of the reed.
3rd October 2007
Keiko Onishi says:
Hello, Nigel. I am the Japanese salesclerk who sells the...Epplesheim Soprillo to the Japanese players in Japan.
I saw your HP and found many interseting pictures. Is it possible to use those pictures in our HP?
Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
Nigel says:
Sure - please include relevant acknowledges too.
25th July 2007
Marilyn says:
The soprillo sax looks like a fun thing to play with! I play the alto and tenor sax myself but personally, i prefer higher pitched saxes.
20th June 2007
Barbra says:
the soprillo Sax seems like a very difficult, but cute instrument to play. I play alto Sax myself and I was just curious as to who originally invented the soprillo and when? Also let us know if you plan on playing in the southern part of the U.S. some time.
Nigel says:
Benedikt Eppelsheim
7th May 2007
Zach Green says:
I really want one of these! I play the alto and soprano, and I\'m really interested in higher pitched saxes.
24th April 2007
Keith Bradbury says:
What a great site. If you have a spare mouthpiece, I am interested in whether I can tweek it to improve its high note response. I would like to lend a hand in this challenge (no charge). I'm not looking for work as I am quite busy. But I do know how to adjust a tip for good altissimo response and I think the same adjustment would help soprillo response.
Nigel says:
Thanks for your offer - I'll be in touch directly.
24th April 2007
Diane says:

I stumbled on this page from Wikipedia. This is a very cool instrument, I'm a tenor sax jazz major at university in New Zealand and I will definitely try and purchase one eventually.

Thankyou for enlightening me.

-Diane Webster
25th March 2007
Dr. Alan Mandel says:
Just wanted to let people know that Jay Easton has a marvelous book on the saxophone family, and it has many, many examples of the soprillo as well as the contrabass and subcontrabass saxes, both as solo instruments and in ensemble situations. It is the most comprehensive treatise I have seen to date, and am planning to use the book with my sax classes and ensembles.
Nigel says:
Thanks for that Alan - is there a link to the book?
23rd March 2007
kevin says:
where can i purchase a soprillo much is it
Nigel says:
if you look at the banner above....

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