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27th November 2007
Pat says:
Do you possibly know of any Soprillo dealers in the U.S.?
Nigel says:
You can try: USAHorn or International Woodwind in LA, or Middletownmusic in Delaware.
Or from + Eppelsheim in Munich, or Teeda, Japan.
27th November 2007
Roger says:
I just had one of your soprillo planeteers teach a master class at my school and show me this bizarre creation...but after listening to your clips on here I am just stunned by how lovely a sound this instrument gets. I am going to play some of these audio clips for my 6th grade band students. What a terrific website!
9th November 2007
Mitchell Bertram says:
Of course Nigel I'll check it out. That is a lot of money! Yes it does take Dedication and i see where you can't really assume if i could play it (it was kind of a dumb question for me to ask) but there is just one thing i must know...where does the soprillio originate? (like...where did the idea for such a small acute instrument come from?)
9th November 2007
andrei says:
hey i really like your site!
3rd November 2007
Mitchell Bertram says:
Hello Nigel, My name is Mitchell Bertram and I have a few questions...

How much in U.S would a Soprillio cost? With a Standard Concert band - Marching band = pep band- and Jazz band practice would it be possible that I could play soprillio? (I play the Alto and Baritone) Personally I've always wanted to get my hands on a sopranino but can't afford it. One last question...where do you get your sheet music from?
Nigel says:
I suggest you contact Eppelsheim or direct for current prices but I'd expect to pay in the region of $3000 (very reasonable for such a specialist instrument). It really is impossible for me to say if you could play the soprillo - I would need a crystal ball. You could contact soprillo owners in the USA and try before you buy. Cute as the soprillo may seem, it requires dedication and much practice before you acquire an acceptable sound. You will find a piece called 'Waltzing Soprillda' (which I commissioned for the soprillo) at - more music for soprillo will be published there in due course.
30th October 2007
Matt says:
I play the flute but I can't hear myself playing so I want to change to a soprillo sax Should I.
Nigel says:
You certainly won't have a problem being heard on a soprillo - but you may find some people would prefer they couldn't hear you. Only you can decide what instrument is right for you.
23rd October 2007
bob says:
do u think this instrument is good for marching band?
Nigel says:
I would have thought so - try it and see. I have used a clip-on trumpet lyre on the top of the bell. It worked OK for me although the music was a bit too close to read comfortably.
19th October 2007
g loc says:
hey do u ever play conrtrabass sax.
Nigel says:
9th October 2007
larry says:
hey is it possible to play altissimo?
Nigel says:
9th October 2007
Jake says:
how can you get your hands on a soprillo saxophone
Nigel says:
your question is ambiguous

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