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7th February 2008
Goku says:
Hi, what kind of mouthpiece does the soprillo use and is the mouthpiece that you recieve with the soprillo a decent one?
Nigel says:
The mouthpiece is a Zinner. There is no choice in mouthpiece, but you can choose between larger and smaller chamber and several facings.
Only you can decide if it's decent or not. (Benedikt Eppelsheim says: you can chose which mouthpiece to try first, and he won't refuse to exchange it if necessary).
16th January 2008
Siantel says:
I was just wondering, if there was anywhere possible that I could get a soprillo saxaphone and how much it would cost?
I live in Australia and was wondering if there was anywhere that i could order one or even try one in this area.
Nigel says:
Contact Benedikt Eppelsheim from the link above for current prices. He can ship soprillos to order to anywhere but only as a purchase not for testing.
16th January 2008
Daniel says:
Hello... I am in High school and I play the alto and soprano saxophone. I started on the alto and have recently started the soprano. When I play the soprano my embouchure gets tired within about 10-15 minutes. I am wondering if you think that I should even attempt the soprillo if the soprano is difficult for me now. What should I do? I don't want to buy an instrument that I won't be able to play... Should I buy a soprillo now or just wait?
Nigel says:
If your embouchure tires after 10 mins. on soprano, I doubt you'd last a minute on soprillo. Perhaps continue with soprano for now and review things when you have more stamina.
13th January 2008
Derrick says:
umm where can i buy a soprillo sax because i cant find one anywhere
Nigel says: or - follow the links on this page.
13th January 2008
Joe Donato says:
Nigel, I would like to have one of your horns.
I have a Kielworth straaight alto in new condition I'd like to trade. Are you interested? Thanks, Joe D
Nigel says:
I have an curved alto I'm happy with thanks. And, I don't actually sell soprillos.
12th January 2008
Lisa Nyberg says:
what is the main diffirens between altosaxophone and soprillo? i have played the altosaxophone for 5 years, whould it be easy to learn how to play the soprillo? and i'm wondering about the octave key, do you push it with your mouth? just wondering.

Lisa Nyberg in Sweden
Nigel says:
I can feel the speaker key touching my mouth sometimes but you certainly don't insert the mouthpiece into your mouth.

The soprillo is much harder to play than the alto sax.

I'm not aware of any soprilloists or stockists in Sweden, so I suggest you contact Benedikt Eppelsheim in Germany for more advise about trying one.
12th January 2008
Randolph Murphy says:
Dear Nigel:
Has any of the other members of the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain shown interest in getting a soprillo?
Nigel says:
Several players are interested although I think only one of them seriously.
12th January 2008
Lisa says:
do you know were i can find one without bying it? i'm very interested in trying one!!
Nigel says:
Where do you live?
21st December 2007
damian says:
Hello and sorry for my english.
i'd like to know how old is the soprillo saxophone. thank you.
Nigel says:
It was developed gradually by Benedikt Eppelsheim over several years but was first presented (along with the Tubax) in March 1999 in Frankfurt.
21st December 2007
Austin McFarland says:
Would you suggest sprolli to a 5 year alto sax player?
Nigel says:
Your question is impossible to answer as I've no idea what level you have achieved. However, playing it is more challenging than spelling it ;)

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