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2nd August 2014
Bailey says:
Can I practise the soprillo but only have a try in soprano before

Can I practice soprillo first before have my own soprano?
Nigel says:
You could of course but I wouldn't recommend it.
22nd July 2014
sam says:
Dear Nigel, When did you start playing the saxophone. In school or thought it would fun to learn.
Nigel says:
Dear Sam,
I started on the recorder at 10, then took up the trumpet. I switched to clarinet at about 14 then added sax at 17. Didn't discover the soprillo until I was 44!
22nd July 2014
Bailey Liu says:
Dear Nigel Wood
I am only twelve years old and learned saxophone for only about one and a half years,can play well in tenor saxohone and alto saxophone,reach high D in soprano saxophone can I play a soprillo saxophone?I also want to know something about world saxophone congress.
Nigel says:
Dear Bailey Liu
Well done for your saxophonic achievements. High D on a soprillo is much harder to sustain than on a soprano. I recommend you continue to master the challenges of the soprano before buying a soprillo, but do get to try one out if you can.

The next WSC - SaxOpen is the 17th World Saxophone Congress & Festival.
22nd July 2014
Bailey Liu says:
When can you go to Shanghai to have a concert?
Nigel says:
I played in Shanghai in 2007 and Taiwan in 2011. No plans to visit the Far East at the moment.
22nd July 2014
Bailey Liu says:
If I have a soprillo,which music can I play?Where can I find the music?
Nigel says:
You will find a whole range of soprillo sheet music at Saxtet Publications:
22nd July 2014
Bailey Liu says:
Hello,Nigel Wood.I am from Shanghai,China.I am very interested in soprillo saxophone,I want to know the price of a soprillo saxophone and where to buy a saxophone on the internet.P.S.I can not find the price and the place to buy a soprillo.
Nigel says:
Ask Benedikt Eppelsheim at
17th April 2014
Danielle says:
I live in Texas, U.S.A.
Nigel says:
Hi Danielle, No Soprillos are in stock in the U.S., but you can get one from or
13th April 2014
Danielle Cook says:
Where can I buy the soprillo or get it shipped to me?
Nigel says:
Where do you live?
9th January 2014
ümit onartan says:
I want to thank to Mr.Eppelsheim and Mr.Nigel Wood, because the Soprillo came to the World and it's living today with their hard working
8th January 2014
ümit onartan says:
I am the first and maybe only one Soprillo player from Turkey, I am manufacturing custom hane made sax mouthpieces too
Nigel says:
Interesting - it would be good to hear something.

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