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Soprillogy CD

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Getting high on the world's smallest saxophone!


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26th September 2018
Chris Fox says:
Soprillogy is stunning. I was expecting some more old standards like Waltzing Matilda but what I heard instead was simply amazing.
Nigel says:
Thanks Chris for taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed Soprillogy.
27th November 2015
Joachim says:
Dear Nigel,
How hard is it to play? I have a sopranino which I had for a couple of months and still can not reach above B. When I first got it I could not go beyond F so I am getting there. I assume the soprillo is even harder to play?
Nigel says:
Dear Joachim,
Your assumptions are correct. If you are still struggling to get higher than sopranino top B you will find it considerably more challenging to play the soprillo in the upper register. Most saxophonists can get up to the top G on the soprillo family quickly but above that takes much perseverance. Having said that, it is of course achievable as long as you don't expect immediate results. Hope that helps.
23rd April 2015
Ron Wasserman says:
Would be good for Piazzolla arrangements, replacing the violin part the range of which an Eb clarinet barely reaches.
23rd April 2015
Stephan says:
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
16th March 2015
TheSopraninoMan says:
What is the highest note you can hit on a soprillo? And why does the soprillo only go up to an Eb instead of an F, F# or sometimes a G?
9th December 2014
Andrew says:
I am only 12 and I can almost reach the highest notes thanks for inspiring me to play the soprillo Nigel
1st December 2014
Chase says:
Dear Nigel, Love Man-Mou would you ever think of turning it into an orchestral piece?
30th September 2014
valentijn says:
can i buy e soprillo
Nigel says:
yes, see previous post
30th September 2014
valentijn says:
i will have e soprillo!!!!
2nd August 2014
Tom says:
Who sells These Soprillo Saxophones?
Nigel says: or

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